Your ITIL-Trainings from ptm-Akademie

The ITIL training provided by the ptm Academy will help you achieve your ITIL certification: From ITIL Foundation to Managing Across the Lifecycle - you complete all the ITIL training courses through the Service Lifecycle Stream that you take to complete the intermediate Level through the service lifecycle stream. We help you to successfully complete your ITIL training and become ITIL Expert.

The ptm Academy is officially accredited as a seminar provider for ITIL. Our ITIL training courses cover the entire ITIL service lifecycle and qualify you for the ITIL Expert upon successful completion.

Our ITIL-Seminars at a glance

ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation training forms the basis of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. They acquire basic knowledge of the content and terminology of ITIL and learn how to use the most important processes. This knowledge enables you to make the first qualitative improvements to your IT service management. Previous knowledge is not required to attend this ITIL training course. ITIL Foundation concludes with a certification exam that is compulsory for continuing ITIL training. You will receive 2 credit points for the passed exam.

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The 5 service lifecycle modules

After passing the ITIL Foundation exam, you will be able to attend the advanced ITIL training courses to gain a deeper understanding of ITIL. The ptm Academy offers you every ITIL training from the Service Lifecycle Stream:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Each ITIL training concludes with a certification exam, for which you will receive 3 credit points each. It is not compulsory to take the exam unless you want to earn credits to become an ITIL Expert.

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC)

The ITIL training Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) builds on the intermediate ITIL level. The course provides additional knowledge that can be used to implement the ITIL Service Lifecycle. At the center of this training, at the level of management and monitoring, are the goals, functions and interfaces between the core processes of IT service management. Managing Across the Lifecycle ends with an exam that gives 5 credit points. This ITIL training is mandatory to qualify for the ITIL Expert.

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Achieve your goal faster: ITIL-Compact-Trainings from ptm-Akademie

For your ITIL training, the ptm Academy offers compact courses up to the intermediate level. A compact course includes two modules from the Lifecycle Stream:

By attending a compact ITIL training course of the ptm Academy, you save time and money: complete two modules in just five working days instead of six and save yourself a double journey.

Why ITIL-Training makes sense for you.

ITIL is the leading method for delivering and managing IT services. With ITIL, you can efficiently structure your IT, reduce costs, and provide your customers with excellent IT service management. In five core volumes, ITIL describes best practice suggestions to ensure optimal IT service management of the IT department of companies. This is not a rigid set of rules, but serves with recommendations for action, which can be flexibly applied to the individual structures of your IT organization.