Create a perfect presentation with a PowerPoint course of ptm Academy

PowerPoint is Microsoft's powerful presentation solution. Learn how to leverage the power of Microsoft PowerPoint in a PowerPoint course from the ptm Academy. The imparted knowledge serves as a solid foundation for creating professional screen presentations that will not be forgotten by your audience.

Learning to Present Successfully: PowerPoint Training at ptm Academy

At ptm academy you will find two courses where you will learn all the possibilities of PowerPoint depending on your previous knowledge. Every PowerPoint training course is designed so that nothing worth knowing is left out of the box, and you can still internalize the knowledge transferred in just one day. So you fully acquire the power of Microsoft PowerPoint, but you will not lose any valuable working time.

Your first PowerPoint-Training: Basics

In this PowerPoint course of the ptm Academy, you will learn all the basics necessary to create an interesting and well-structured screen presentation. It covers the entire process of presenting a presentation - from planning to completion. The PowerPoint course is not only about the technical preparation of presentations, but also handles important content-related rules for presentation creation. After this PowerPoint training you are well prepared to develop your own professional presentations.

Your second PowerPoint-Training: Advanced

The advanced technology PowerPoint course will give you more in-depth knowledge of how to design your screen presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint offers you numerous possibilities to integrate graphics, diagrams and pictures into the presentation. Different layouts and views allow an individual and professional design of your presentation. Learn more about how to optimize your presentations using these layouts, how to import content from other Office products, and how to leverage multimedia effects in the Advanced Technique PowerPoint course at the ptm Academy. Also, get valuable tips on making your presentations lively and exciting.

The PowerPoint trainings are version-independent. Our trainers use the 2016 version, but they are sensitive to version differences. In order for you to achieve optimal learning success, we will install the version you favor for PowerPoint training. Please indicate this when registering.

Find PowerPoint-Training near you

The ptm Academy maintains various locations throughout Germany: You will find our training locations in Munich, Nuremberg, Erlangen, Berlin, Karlsruhe and Paderborn. Our PowerPoint trainings are offered at all locations. Find the next meeting near you easily on the respective course page.

Discover the possibilities of Microsoft PowerPoint

With Microsoft PowerPoint, screen presentations can be designed much more than is obvious to the layman at first glance. The program is a powerful tool if you are familiar with its features. PowerPoint training at the ptm academy provides you with the knowledge you need to create and design professional presentations. Learn about ways of animating charts or editing movies in PowerPoint. Transform your designs individually and impress your bosses, colleagues and customers with engaging, professional on-screen presentations.

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office. The ptm Academy also offers courses for the other Microsoft Office suite programs. Get more information here!