Atos Unify OpenScape Fault Management Basic - OFMBASISCS

The objectives, among other includes the activation of the Plug-ins for OpenScape Voice, OpenScape Business, OpenScape 4000, Host resources, Interaction between OpenScape FM and OpenScape Voice, OpenScape 4000 Manager and Data Backup / Restore of the OpenScape FM Database. After the training the participants are able to administer the features of the Desktop, to discover and administer IP- and Voice networks (OpenScape Voice, OpenScape 4000), and understand the relations between the SNMP Proxy Agents and the Subagents.

Learning objectives

The participant is able to

  • Install OpenScape FM Software on different platforms (OpenScape 4000 Manager, Win7, win2008).
  • Use and to administrate the desktop features.
  • Understand and to administrate the operating mode of the single plug-in modules.
  • Grip, to monitor and to administrate the IP and voice network (OpenScape Voice, OpenScape 4000).
  • Understand the relation between SNMP Proxy Agents and the Subagents.  


  • Startup
    • MATERNA Training Essentials
    • Wifi Access
  • Product Overview
    • OpenScape Fault Management within UNIFY portfolio
    • Components of the management system
    • Technology SNMP
    • OpenScape Fault Management architecture
    • OpenScape Fault Management user interface
    • OpenScape Fault Management technology plug-ins
  • Prerequisites for the usage of FM
    • Hardware
    • Software Server
    • Software Client
  • Licensing
    • Essentials
    • Customer License Manager „CLM“ and Agent „CLA“
    • UNIFY License Server
    • FM Modules and the licensing of it
    • Identification of the mandatory licenses
    • List of licenses and the corresponding order positions
  • Installation
    • Installation of FM on a Windows Server
    • Installation of FM on a SuSE Enterprise Linux Server
    • Activation of the technology plug-ins
  • Administration Essentials
    • Initial settings (Backup, Certificates, Debugging Options, Firewall, Mail Server...)
    • IP-Manager, discovery and monitoring of IP based networks (Layer 3)
    • Layer 2 Manager, discovery and monitoring of Ethernet based networks
    • Topology Manager, customizing of the topology view + background pictures
    • Enterprise MIB
    • System Management
    • Reporting
    • User Management
    • Host resources, monitoring of processes
  • Administration of the OpenScape FM Technologies
    • OpenScape 4000
    • OpenScape Voice
    • OpenScape Business
    • Operator Essentials
    • WEB Operator Console


  • Basic knowledge about OpenScape 4000 Manager, OpenScape Voice or OpenScape Business

Additional information

This course will provided with the actual released product version.

At a glance

Duration : 5 Days
Price: 2.800,00 € plus VAT
3.332,00 € incl. Vat


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01.08.2022 - 05.08.2022
Virtual Classroom
19.09.2022 - 23.09.2022
07.11.2022 - 11.11.2022

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