Unify OpenScape UC Application Expert - OSAEXPESCS

This course is an extended service training with the aim to be able to install and configure the HAProxy Server and Media Server for WebRTC as well as Microsoft Azure Apps for for OpenScape UC client access.

Learning objectives


  • are able to install and configure all Media Server WebRTC components,
  • are able to install and configure the HAProxy for different scenarious,
  • are able to install and configure all conponents to support OSMO Pro,
  • are able to install and configure the UC Graph Connector,
  • are able to configure the access UC WebClient to private Outlook 365 contacts


  • Media Server WebRTC support for OSV and OS4k
    • Installation of the required packages
    • WebRTC server configuration for intranet and internet usage
  • Installation of HAProxy
    • Configuration to provide access for UC WebClient, WebRTC and OSMO Pro support
    • HAProxy hardening
    • Certificate (TLS/MTLS) replacement and certificate revocation list usage
  • OSMO Pro support for OSV and OS4k
    • Facade Server installation and configuration
    • SBC configuration
    • OSV and OS4k configuration
    • Usage of the OSMO Client in the following operating modes: UC Mode, Voice Mode and Combined Mode
    • UC Pushy installation and configuration - Push Notification for chat messages
  • OpenScape UC Integration in MS Teams
    • UC MS Teams App Installation
    • Installation and configuration of the UC Graph Connector
    • UC WebClient - MS Teams Presence sync in case of "Busy, in a call"
  • Diagnoses and Troubleshooting
  • Practical exercises


Unify OpenScape UC Application Advanced for Service (OSAADVSSCS)

At a glance

Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.400,00 € plus VAT
4.046,00 € incl. Vat


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Location Date
Virtual Classroom 07.10.2024–11.10.2024

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