Atos Unify OpenScape Xpert Advanced Course - OXPADVSSCS

The advanced training OXPADVSSCS for service technicians is the continuance of the training courses for OpenScape Xpert application specialists.

Learning objectives

The participant is familiar with:

  • the system layout V6 and the turrets,
  • all features of OpenScape Xpert V7,
  • the system documentation.

(Basic course OXPBASISCS is mandatory!) 

The participant can:

  • install the System Manager Server (AD/DNS/DHCP),
  • install and configure OpenScape Xpert V7 components,
  • configure licensing,
  • configure voice recording,
  • install OpenScape Xpert DB Cluster,
  • install and handle tools,
  • install a contact interface,
  • operate OpenStage turrets.


  • Introduction
  • Actual System overview hard- and software V7
  • All features of OpenScape Xpert V7
  • Licensing
  • Basic information of system components (AD/DNS/DHCP)
  • Extended Windows administration
  • Upgrade, install and configure OpenScape Xpert V7
  • Setup MLC (Debian Linux)
  • Install the turrets
  • Handle the System Manager and the turrets
  • Configure OpenScape Xpert V7 systems and turrets
  • Voice recording
  • DB Clustering
  • Tools
  • Contact Interface
  • Repetition/exercise/error diagnostics


  • Basic course OXPBASISCS
  • LAN knowledge
  • Linux knowledge
  • Windows 10 and Server 2012/2016 AD/DNS knowledge

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Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.700,00 € plus VAT
4.403,00 € incl. Vat


Request information

Target audience

Service employees


Location Date
Munich 10.06.2024–14.06.2024
Munich 09.12.2024–13.12.2024

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