Unify OpenScape 4000 Update Workshop V11 - OS4UP11WCS

This online workshop covers upgrading OpenScape 4000 from version 7 Release 1 or 8.x to the current version V10.R1 or V11.R0 and the newly available features in version V10.R1 and V11.R1.

Furthermore, the hardware, such as Enterprise Gateway, and new modules, such as STMIX/STMIY, will be shown. Innovations in the CP family of devices are also part of the course.

The installation of the new container platform Kubernetes and the installation and handling of the OpenScape Endpoint Manager (OSEM) are also described.

In practice, the course participant has access to an OpenScape 4000 system. New features can be queried or set up on this system

Learning objectives

  • In the workshop you will learn how to upgrade the Unify OpenScape 4000 from V7R1 or newer to the new release V11.R0
  • You will also be acquainted with the new features in versions V10.R1 and V11.R0 and can partially set them up.


  • Upgrading an OpenScape 4000 V7 R1 to V10. R0 and V11.R0
  • New hardware for LTU / IPDA LTU / IPDA / SoftGate / EcoBranch / Enterprise Gateway
  • New modules STMIX/STMIY / SLC-M
  • New devices
  • New features in V10R1 and V11.R0


  • Proficient in OpenScape 4000 V7/8
  • Softgate/OpenScape Access 500
  • OpenScape 4000 Assistant/Portal Linux Basic knowledge

Additional information

A course day consists of presentations with short breaks and practical exercises.

At a glance

Course Nr. : OS4UP11WCS
Duration : 2 Days
Price: 1.300,00 € plus VAT
1.547,00 € incl. Vat


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Target audience

  • Service
  • Owners
  • Administrators


Location Date
Virtual Classroom 31.07.2024–01.08.2024
Virtual Classroom 07.08.2024–08.08.2024
Virtual Classroom 24.09.2024–25.09.2024

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