Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 Basic Administration - OS4MAD1SCS

OpenScape 4000 Administrator basic acknowledge (OpenScape 4000 Assistant) is a course for administrators (level 1). The objectives are among others to get information about the hardware of the OpenScape 4000 (only subscriber boards and devices), Assistant/Manager 4000 general and Configurations Management. After completing this course, the participant is able to administrate the preconfigured OpenScape 4000 System. He is able to configure stations and local groups. Furthermore he can start a backup.

Learning objectives

  • The participant is able to administrate a preconfigured system. He is able to configure stations and local groups.


  • Hardware (basics)
  • Features
  • Assistant 4000 general
  • Configurations Management 
    • Upload
    • Templates
    • Add subscriber (optiPoint, IP)
    • Device combination (Addon units, Adapter)
    • WABE
    • COS, COS changover
    • Key layout (TAPRO)
    • Time order
    • Local group configuration (AUN, SA, CHESE, Communication group)
  • Data backup


  • PC basic knowledge

Additional information

  • This course is not applicable for Service technicians, with a target to maintain and install the OpenScape 4000. Trouble shooting and diagnostic is not part of this course.
  • For service technicians the course OS4BAS1SCS is recommended

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Course Nr. : OS4MAD1SCS
Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.100,00 € plus VAT
3.689,00 € incl. Vat


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Target audience

  • Administrator (Level 1)


Location Date
Munich 26.06.2023–30.06.2023
Munich 09.10.2023–13.10.2023
Munich 11.12.2023–15.12.2023

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