Atos Unify OpenScape Concierge - OCEBASISCS

This course is intended for service technicians without OSCC-E knowledge, who will startup and implement OpenScape Concierge in a customer environment. It is the basis for additional OSCC-E Modules like AD-WEB, Remote Agent, etc. It covers the differences between versions 2, 3 and 3R1.

Learning objectives

The participant

  • gets a detailed knowledge about installation, administration, usage and troubleshooting analysis of OSCC-E V3R1 system management and Concierge
  • is able to update a Concierge Installation from OSCC-E V2R1 and V3R0 to version V3R1
  • is able to install the required software packages at the customer site and knows the most common customer problems and faults and is able to resolve them


  • Functions and modules of Concierge administration and client applications
  • New System Management as central component for all OSCC-Extensions modules (Concierge, AD-WEB, Remote Agent, etc)
  • Installation of and setup of the Concierge server and client components
  • Upgrade Concierge from V2R1 and V3R0 to V3R1
  • Troubleshooting and Trace Settings
  • Detailed OpenScape Voice / H4K configurations are not part of this course. Only those parameters that are relevant will be covered.


Course and experience of OpenScape Contact Center V8 R2 or V9

  • Experience in Startup and Service of projects with Contact Center or OpenScape Voice / H4K

At a glance

Duration : 3 Days
Price: 1.800,00 € plus VAT
2.142,00 € incl. Vat


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Target audience

Application specialists


22.11.2022 - 24.11.2022

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