Atos Unify OpenScape Voice Advanced 1 for Service - OSVADV1SCS

This course is an advanced OpenScape Voice course for System Spezialists, which are responsible to configure a system customer specific/individual still following the Standard. It contains the Sec urity functions and Certificate procedures, the Call Admission Control and further specific System/Subscriber functions and the mass data provisioning.

Learning objectives

The participant

  • knows the OpenScape Voice in an advanced level
  • is able to configure an advanced routing with additional options and restrictions
  • is able to configure the Call Admission Control functionality
  • is able to set up an Emergency Routing (E.911)
  • is able to export, modify or duplicate mandatory subscriber data and import it
  • is able to set up advanced system and subscriber features
  • is able to activate TLS/SRTP


  • Routing 
    • Rate Area
    • Class of Service
    • Time Destinations
    • Code Index
    • Code Processing
    • Restrict PSTN Calls (Toll & Call Restriction)
    • Class of Service Switchover
  • Emergency Call Routing (E911)
    • Routing via local Gateways
    • Routing via SIP Carrier to different Destinations
    • Callback Service for non DID Subscribers
  • Bandwidth Management (Call Admission Control) 
    • BW Usage for Voice, Fax and Video Calls
    • Activating BW Management / Define Locations
    • Apply Restriction of BW and/or Number of Calls
    • Apply Codec Restrictions
    • Exclude Subscribers from Codec Restriction
    • Alarms on specific BW usage
    • BW Monitoring
  • Security 
    • Digest Authentication
    • Overview
    • Configure DA for Subscribers
    • Configure DA for Endpoints
    • Trusted EP’s
    • Force DA system wide
    • Signaling / Payload Encryption
    • TLS and SRTP Overview
    • Certificates Overview
    • Create Certificate Requests / Self Signed Certificates
    • Configure TLS in OSV and Phones
    • Enable Payload Encryption
    • Troubleshooting
  • Mass Provisioning 
    • Mass Provisioning Interface Overview
    • File Format
    • Commands
    • Export existing Configuration
  • Writing an Mass Provisioning Script to 
    • Create Office Code / Home DN
    • Create Business Group
    • Create Numbering Plan
    • Create Subscribers
  • Import Data into the OpenScape Voice




  • Course OpenScape Solution Advanced 1 for Service (SOLADV1SCS)
  • Course OpenScape Solution DLS for Service (SOLDLSSCS)

Additional information

  • Die Kursdokumentation liegt nur in Englischer Sprache vor.

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Course Nr. : OSVADV1SCS
Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.200,00 € plus VAT
3.808,00 € incl. Vat


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  • Service


Location Date
Munich 09.10.2023–13.10.2023

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