Atos Unify OpenScape Session Border Controller (SBC) - SBCADV1SCS

This course is intended for OpenScape Voice Service/OpenScape 4000 and contains the functions with possible scenarios of the OpenScape SBC. It covers the installation and integration in an customer environment as well as the required configuration steps to start up subscribers/gateways behind the OpenScape SBC. Another part of this course is the configuration of a SIP Carrier connection. Released features of our Circuit connector will be also part of this course.

Learning objectives

The participant

  • Knows the functions and the possible scenarios of the OpenScape SBC
  • Knows how to install the OpenScape SBC and is able to integrate it into a customer environment
  • Knows how to startup subscribers behind an OpenScape SBC or in addition behind a NAT Router 
  • Knows how to configure Gateways behind an OpenScape SBC
  • Knows how to configure a Branch (OpenScape Branch) behind an OpenScape SBC
  • Knows how to implement a SIP Carrier connection via the OpenScape SBC
  • Knows the possibilities to troubleshoot the system
  • Is able to monitor the state of the OpenScape SBC
  • Knows details about the relationship for the connectivity with the Circuit connector


  • OpenScape SBC Overview
    • Supported hardware
    • Connections
    • Scenarios
    • Features
    • Security Aspects
    • Redundancy
  • Installation and Upgrade
    • Cabling
    • ESXi Preparation (Virtualization)
    • Software installation
  • Initial configuration
  • Configuration of the following scenarios:
    • Remote subscriber and/or Gateway behind SBC
    • OpenScape Branch and subscriber/Gateway behind SBC
    • OpenScape Branch (SBC mode) behind SBC
    • SIP Carrier connection
  • Redundancy
  • Circuit 
    • Feature of connector for circuit
    • Configuration of UTC and ATC
  • Maintenance tasks (Alarm Management, Backup, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting




  • LAN / WAN-Basics
  • Knowledge in OpenScape Voice and/or OpenScape 4000
  • TCP/IP-Protocol (EL7107)
  • VoIP-Basics (EL7100)
  • SIP-Protocol (EL7120)
  • OpenStage Administration (EL1359 / EL1352)
  • Course OpenScape Branch (OSBADV1SCS)
  • Course OpenScape Voice Advanced 1  (OSVADV1SCS)

Additional information

  • Die Kursdokumentation liegt nur in Englischer Sprache vor.

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Course Nr. : SBCADV1SCS
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