Unify OpenScape Contact Center Advanced Service Course - OCCENAVSCS

In this course we explain skills-based routing and configure it in practical exercises. Complex voice media routing scenarios with Custom Functions and Call Director components will be discussed and configured including routing scenarios with database components. Participants will also be enabled to work with multitenant systems and with different time zones. The media types callback (including outbound), e-mail and web interaction (including web collaboration, web callback and VXML) will be explained and configured in practical exercises. Handling of contacts of these media types with the Client Desktop application is also part of the training. Further more we discuss the following topics: Integration with HiPath FM, IT-security, auxiliary servers and interfaces.

Learning objectives

The participant is able to

  • Configure and explain Skills-Based Routing
  • Design complex Voice media routing scenarios with Custom Function and Call Director components
  • Design routing scenarios with database components
  • Work with multitenant systems
  • Work with different time zones
  • Configure contact routing for e-mail media
  • Handle e-mails with the client desktop
  • Configure contact routing for callback media
  • Handle callback contacts with the client desktop
  • Work with the outbound feature
  • Install the default samples for web interaction
  • Configure contact routing for Web media
  • Integrate OpenScape Contact Center with HiPath FM
  • To implement IT-Security within OpenScape Contact Center
  • To work with auxiliary servers
  • The participant knows as an overview what possibilities are provided by interfaces to customize OpenScape Contact Center


  • Configuring Skills-Based Routing, Skill Scoring, Call Distribution Scenarios - with practical exercise
  • Designing complex routing scenarios for Voice media, including Call Director, Custom Functions and Data Directed Routing - with practical exercises
  • Multi tenancy
  • Multiple time zones
  • Configuring connectivity with a corporate e-mail server, routing and scenarios for e-mail media - with practical exercise
  • Handling e-mails - with practical exercise
  • Configuring the routing of callbacks - with practical exercise
  • Handling callbacks - with practical exercise
  • Installing a the components for Web Interaction - with practical exercise
  • Configuring the routing of Web contacts - with practical exercise
  • Handling web collaboration contacts - with practical exercise
  • Additional web features: Web callback and VXML
  • Windows Policies, Implementing IT Security within OpenScape Contact Center - with practical exercise
  • Auxiliary Server - with practical exercise
  • Integrate OpenScape Contact Center with HiPath FM - with practical exercise
  • Overview on Interfaces




Course OCCENBASCS or equivalent knowledge

Additional information

It is mandatory that you have a valid MyTraining account, and, that you remember your password. This is needed for the exam at the last day of this course.

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Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.200,00 € plus VAT
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Target audience

  • Application specialists
  • Customers


Location Date
Munich 09.09.2024–13.09.2024

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