Atos Unify OpenScape Solution Administrator 2 (Applications) - SOLADM2SCS

This course is intended for Service engineers and customer administrators. It contains the tasks that are required for a customer administrators daily work with an OpenScape UC Solution. It covers the tasks for the UC Server, the Xpressions Server, Mobility and the build in User Management.

Learning objectives

The participant 

  • is able to navigate thru the CMP (Common Management Portal) for the UC functions
  • is able to add/modify UC users and user profiles
  • is able to add UC Xpressions users and verifies these on the Xpressions system
  • is able to run a bulk edit and mass provisioning for UC/XPR users
  • is able to configure an OSMO (OpenScape Mobile Client) for a UC user
  • is able to navigate thru the XPR Admin interface and execute necessary tasks
  • is able to verify and manage the Xpressions functions of an UC user
  • knows the build in CMP-UM (User Management) and is able to create/modify UC/XPR users with it


  • OpenScape UC 
    • UC Navigation CMP
    • General explanation of UC specific Navigation options
  • Feature Profile for UC 
    • Copy and modify UC user profiles
  • UC User 
    • Add UC user account with default user profiles
    • Change UC user account
    • Required Voice features for UC devices and functions (CSTA access, ONS, CFVM, Call Transfer) 
    • Required configuration of OpenStage and Desktop Client WE for UC users
    • (Device configuration via DLS, verify settings via WBM access via Voice/DLS)
  • Import / Export UC users 
    • Bulk edit via file
    • Mass provisioning via file
  • UC Xpressions user 
    • Export of UC users and import into Xpressions
    • Verify Users on Xpressions system
  • OpenScape Mobile Client OSMO (UC only + Voice/UC combined)
  • Maintenance
  • Backup/Restore (Info only)
  • Level 1
  • Xpressions 
    • General Web Admin / Navigation
    • Overview of XPR Admin Web GUI
    • Add/Change User (without UC functionality)
    • Manually create new XPR user for UC
  • Admin act as user 
    • Logon with Admin as user
    • Verify user settings on the XPR Server for user
    • Modify /change/ correct user individual settings
  • CMP-UM 
    • Create Subscribers
    • Manage UC-/Voice-/XPR- users with build in CMP-UM
    • (all required settings like profiles, LDAP, etc. are already configured)




  • WBT course - overview of the solution (SOLOVERSDS)
  • Course OpenScape Solution Administrator 1 (Voice) (SOLADM1SCS)

Additional information

Dieser Kurs ist für Service Personal und Kundenadministratoren gedacht. Er beinhaltet die nötigen Aufgaben für einen Kundenadministrator, um seine tägliche Arbeit mit einer OpenScape UC Solution zu ermöglichen. Er behandelt die Aufgaben mit dem UC Server, dem Xpressions Server, Mobility und dem Build-in User Management.

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Course Nr. : SOLADM2SCS
Duration : 3 Days
Price: 1.800,00 € plus VAT
2.142,00 € incl. Vat


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Target audience

  • Service and Customer Administrator


Location Date
Munich 23.05.2023–25.05.2023
Munich 21.11.2023–23.11.2023

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