Atos Unify OpenScape Solution Administrator 1 (Voice) - SOLADM1SCS

This course is intended for Service engineers as well as customer administrators. It contains the general tasks that are required for a customer administrators daily work with the OpenScape Voice and DLS System. Service engineers are able to execute general tasks on the system as well as enhance the OpenScape Voice with additional subscribers, profiles, features, etc. on a daily base.

Learning objectives

The participant

  • knows the CMP (Common Management Portal) in general and is able to navigate thru it.
  • is able to add/modify subscribers with general features and feature profiles.
  • is able to add/modify hunt groups and pick up groups as well as key sets and other features
  • knows the different features of an OpenScape Voice subscriber and the system.
  • is able to execute some maintenance options that are required for daily work.
  • is able to work with the DLS (Deployment Service) in general
  • is able to execute/verify general tasks on the DLS system that are required for daily work.


  • CMP 
    • General CMP Navigation
    • User Login Procedure
    • User Interface explanation (Navigation/Component Tabs/Elements) in general and specifically for Voice components
    • CMP User Management (not UM)
    • Audit Log/Alarm Management
    • General explanation of Business Group/Office code/Numbering Plan/Feature Profile
  • Licenses
    • Overview about Licenses/Violations etc.
  • Subscriber Details 
    • Clone existing subscriber and add individual data
    • Bulk edit
  • Create new subscriber with (no quick add) 
    • Subscriber DN
    • Display ID
    • Numbering Plan
    • Digest Authentication (e.g. Realm)
    • Rate Area/COS
    • Feature Profile
    • DLS and DLS Profile
    • Time zone
    • Verify subscriber registration status
    • Feature Profile
    • Feature Profile Global/BG specific
    • Change existing Feature Profile
    • Create New Feature Profile
    • Assign new or changed feature Profile
    • Activate changed features or Profile
    • Short explanation of all available features by function (no individual feature configuration)
  • Individual Features per Subscriber
  • Hunt group 
    • General explanation of different hunt group types
    • Indentify existing hunt groups
    • Change existing hunt group (members, type)
    • Add new hunt group (with different types/options)
    • Required configuration of OpenStage for hunt groups (Device configuration via DLS, verify settings via WBM access via Voice/DLS)
  • Pickup group
    • Identify existing pickup groups
    • Assign new pickup group
    • Change existing pickup group (members)
    • Required configuration of OpenStage for pickup group (Device configuration via DLS, verify settings via WBM access via Voice/DLS)
  • Keyset 
    • Overview (Line Types)Configure Subscriber for Keyset Operating
    • Add Subscriber Phantom Line
    • Configure Line Keys on Phone
    • Configure DSS Key
  • Maintenance
    • Backup (Database only) all (Voice/Application Server)
    • Restore (Database only) all (Voice/Application Server)
    • Level 1 (e.g. provisioning log file via CMP)
    • Identify main phone failure reasons (phone error codes)
  • DLS 
    • General DLS Navigation
    • Login procedure
    • Handling of GUI
    • Registration of Workpoints (manually, Web-Based management, DHCP)
    • Parameter deployment
    • Job configuration and Job management
    • Verify existing Job (states)
    • Reschedule existing Job
    • Templates, profiles and Auto configuration (Plug&Play)
  • OpenScape mobile client (OSMO)
    • Functional overview
    • Configuration steps
    • Client deployement




  • WBT course - OpenScape Enterprise Solution Overview

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Course Nr. : SOLADM1SCS
Duration : 5 Days
Price: 3.100,00 € plus VAT
3.689,00 € incl. Vat


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Target audience

Service and Customer Administrator


Location Date
Munich 24.04.2023–28.04.2023
Munich 03.07.2023–07.07.2023
Munich 13.11.2023–17.11.2023

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